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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's Sing about Science!

A conversation with research scientist Greg Crowther
The MetaQuizzical Radio Show
June 6, 2012

About Greg Crowther
Greg Crowther received his B.A. in Biology from Williams College and his Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Washington.  In his current laboratory research he works on biochemical aspects of early-stage drug discovery for malaria and other neglected diseases.  Greg started writing songs about science as a graduate student, and has since explored their possible uses in formal and informal educational settings.  He maintains the database of over 6000 math and science songs.  His other hobbies include long-distance running.  Greg lives in Seattle with his 5.5-year-old son.

Greg's Music


Visit the “Sing about Science” database
 at for songs for teaching, learning and fun

Science News

Play List
  • "Macro to Micro" by Jim Ocean (3:55)
  • "Take me to the Liver" by Greg Crowther
  • "Scientific State of Mind" by David Newman (2:52)
  • "Hooray For NMR Spectroscopy" by Science Groove (3:18)
  • "Necessary But Not Sufficient" by Science Groove (3:53)
  • " Money4Drugz" by Greg Crowther (1:50)
  • "Twinkle Twinkle, T2" by Science Groove (2:40)
  • "Dancing With The Insects" by Bungee Jumpin' Cows (4:43)
  • "I'm Your Moon" by Jonathan Coulton (3:12)
  • "Large Hadron Rap"
  •  “Dark Matter” by Jim Ocean

MetaQ Community Calendar

Dirt After Dark at the Exploratorium
Thursday June 7th
When:  06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Exploratorium in San Francisco

Dig into soil science and get the dirt on everything from mushrooms to meteorites.
Exploratorium physicist and Mars expert Paul Doherty pilots a tour of extraterrestrial dirt found as far away as Titan, Saturn's largest moon, and as near as your own home. Fellow staff scientist Bryce Johnson steers us through San Francisco Bay's sediments and Exploratorium biologist Karen Kalumuck reveals the creeping, crawling world inside a rotting log.

And in an edible approach to our theme, mushroom farmers from Back to the Roots share secrets to growing gourmet mushrooms from coffee grounds.

Dirt also features compost demonstrations, urban farming explorations, special films, and an exhibition of historic color photographs documenting the end of the Dust Bowl era.


Feel the Power of the Dork Side

When:  Fri/Sat June 8/9--08:00 PM - 09:30 PM 

Where:  Exit Theatre in San Francisco

Cost:  $15

Feel the Power of the Dork Side is a laugh-a-minute roller coaster ride through the World of science math and technology at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco at 8pm on Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th. For infomation and tickets see
A one-man show written and performed by Dr. Pete Ludovice, engineering professor by day and stand-up comedian by night, it's like your H.S. science class on nitrous oxide.

What a Plant Knows
Tuesday, 06/12/12 at 07:00 PM
Cost:$12 General
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

How does a Venus flytrap know when to snap shut? Can it feel an insect's spindly legs? How do flowers know when it's spring? Can they actually remember the weather? And do they care if you play them Led Zeppelin or Bach? From Darwin's early fascination with stems and vines to Little Shop of Horrors, we have always marveled at plant diversity and form. Now, in What a Plant Knows, the renowned biologist Daniel Chamovitz presents an intriguing and refreshing look at how plants experience the world. Highlighting the latest research in plant science, he takes us into the lives of different types of plants, and draws parallels with the human senses to reveal that we have much more in common with sunflowers and oak trees than we may realize.

Next Week: 
Singer/Songwriter Jeff Falconer-- Conversations at Intersection of Art, Science & Philosophy
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