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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's Sing about Science!

A conversation with research scientist Greg Crowther
The MetaQuizzical Radio Show
June 6, 2012

About Greg Crowther
Greg Crowther received his B.A. in Biology from Williams College and his Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Washington.  In his current laboratory research he works on biochemical aspects of early-stage drug discovery for malaria and other neglected diseases.  Greg started writing songs about science as a graduate student, and has since explored their possible uses in formal and informal educational settings.  He maintains the database of over 6000 math and science songs.  His other hobbies include long-distance running.  Greg lives in Seattle with his 5.5-year-old son.

Greg's Music


Visit the “Sing about Science” database
 at for songs for teaching, learning and fun

Science News

Play List
  • "Macro to Micro" by Jim Ocean (3:55)
  • "Take me to the Liver" by Greg Crowther
  • "Scientific State of Mind" by David Newman (2:52)
  • "Hooray For NMR Spectroscopy" by Science Groove (3:18)
  • "Necessary But Not Sufficient" by Science Groove (3:53)
  • " Money4Drugz" by Greg Crowther (1:50)
  • "Twinkle Twinkle, T2" by Science Groove (2:40)
  • "Dancing With The Insects" by Bungee Jumpin' Cows (4:43)
  • "I'm Your Moon" by Jonathan Coulton (3:12)
  • "Large Hadron Rap"
  •  “Dark Matter” by Jim Ocean

MetaQ Community Calendar

Dirt After Dark at the Exploratorium
Thursday June 7th
When:  06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Exploratorium in San Francisco

Dig into soil science and get the dirt on everything from mushrooms to meteorites.
Exploratorium physicist and Mars expert Paul Doherty pilots a tour of extraterrestrial dirt found as far away as Titan, Saturn's largest moon, and as near as your own home. Fellow staff scientist Bryce Johnson steers us through San Francisco Bay's sediments and Exploratorium biologist Karen Kalumuck reveals the creeping, crawling world inside a rotting log.

And in an edible approach to our theme, mushroom farmers from Back to the Roots share secrets to growing gourmet mushrooms from coffee grounds.

Dirt also features compost demonstrations, urban farming explorations, special films, and an exhibition of historic color photographs documenting the end of the Dust Bowl era.


Feel the Power of the Dork Side

When:  Fri/Sat June 8/9--08:00 PM - 09:30 PM 

Where:  Exit Theatre in San Francisco

Cost:  $15

Feel the Power of the Dork Side is a laugh-a-minute roller coaster ride through the World of science math and technology at the Exit Theatre in San Francisco at 8pm on Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th. For infomation and tickets see
A one-man show written and performed by Dr. Pete Ludovice, engineering professor by day and stand-up comedian by night, it's like your H.S. science class on nitrous oxide.

What a Plant Knows
Tuesday, 06/12/12 at 07:00 PM
Cost:$12 General
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

How does a Venus flytrap know when to snap shut? Can it feel an insect's spindly legs? How do flowers know when it's spring? Can they actually remember the weather? And do they care if you play them Led Zeppelin or Bach? From Darwin's early fascination with stems and vines to Little Shop of Horrors, we have always marveled at plant diversity and form. Now, in What a Plant Knows, the renowned biologist Daniel Chamovitz presents an intriguing and refreshing look at how plants experience the world. Highlighting the latest research in plant science, he takes us into the lives of different types of plants, and draws parallels with the human senses to reveal that we have much more in common with sunflowers and oak trees than we may realize.

Next Week: 
Singer/Songwriter Jeff Falconer-- Conversations at Intersection of Art, Science & Philosophy
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Friday, May 18, 2012

5/16/12 Show Log--A Conversation with Genevieve Conaty

Conversations at the Intersection of Science, Philosophy and Art
with special guest, singer-songwriter Genevieve Conaty

BIO: Genevieve Conaty is an American songwriter and performer who recently moved to San Francisco after 10 years in London. She has studied singing with Randolph Matthews, Sally Bradshaw, and Chris Rowbury, guitar with Terry Bryanton, Eoghan Gallagher, and Kent Brown, songwriting with Bonnie Hayes, and film music with Shawm Kreitzman. She released her first album, “Your Own Brand of Candy,” in 2011.

Artist Website:

Science News

Darwin Awards

Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.

Tonight's Story: "Clotheslined"
·         "Good Eater" by Genevieve Conaty
·         "The Night Eve Came into My Yard" by Genevieve Conaty 
·         "In Your Cell" by Genevieve Conaty
·         "My Girl Was a Pearl" by Genevieve Conaty 
·         "Rock Steady" by Genevieve Conaty            
·         "Promotion" by Genevieve Conaty       
·         "Intro" by Jeff Falconer            
·         "Vic Perp: New Age Private Eye" by Jeff Falconer
·         "Deep Blue Sea" by Jim Ocean
·         "Coming of Age in the Milky Way" by Jim Ocean
·         "Mr. Tanner" by Harry Chapin               
·         "Ordinary Day" by Peter Mayer
·         "Descartes In Amsterdam" by Dave Nachmanoff
·         "The Life Inside Me" by David Johnson

MetaQuizzical Singer-Songwriter Revue

Kathy's Picks
·         "Mr. Tanner" by Harry Chapin               
·         "Ordinary Day" by Peter Mayer 
·         "Two Paper Town" by Steve Seskin                
·         "All the World is One" by Peter Mayer 
·         "Life's a Dance" by Steve Seskin 

Jim's Picks
·         "American Sunset" by Jeff Falconer 
·         "Descartes In Amsterdam" by Dave Nachmanoff
·         "Dragon's Lullaby" by Purple Hazel Green 
·         "Broadway Hotel" by Al Stewart
·         "High Road to Doomsday" by Jeff Falconer 

Genevieve's Picks
·         "If Jesus Drove A Motor Home" by Jim White
·         The Land Of Plenty" by Leonard Cohen
·         "East Of Anywhere" by Lamya 
·         "The Life Inside Me" by David Johnson
·         "Stratford-On-Guy" by Liz Phair       

Next Week
Climate Change Cacophony: 
'What are we going to do about James Lovelock?' and other hot topics
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Friday, May 11, 2012

5/9/12 Show Log--"Sealed with a Kiss"

The MetaQuizzical Radio Show -- May 9, 2012
Peeling back the layers of the endless onion whether it makes you laugh or makes you cry

Sealed with a Kiss--Dating in the Internet Age
·         The science and technology of the mating game
·         This program is a tribute to the "birds and the bees" and this gorgeous spring season         

Science News

Darwin Awards
Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it.
Links to some fun content  
Listen to "15 Fascinating TED Talks on Love"                         

TED Talk: Helen Fisher studies the brain in love
Why do we crave love so much, even to the point that we would die for it? To learn more about our very real, very physical need for romantic love, Helen Fisher and her research team took MRIs of people in love -- and people who had just been dumped.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies gender differences and the evolution of human emotions. She's best known as an expert on romantic love, and her beautifully penned books -- including Anatomy of Love and Why We Love -- lay bare the mysteries of our most treasured emotion.


  • MQC Theme Song by Jim Ocean (3:30)           
  • "Kiss" by Prince (3:38)
  • "Sex Crazed Intellectuals" by Celtic Elvis (4:52)
  • "I Never Talk To Strangers" by Tom Waits & Bette Midler (3:40)
  • "Fallin" by Alicia Keys (3:30)           
  • "Your House" by Alanis Morissette (3:36)
  • "This Love" by Maroon 5 (3:26)
  • "Love as real estate, you're my fixer upper" by Celtic Elvis (6:08)
  • "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak (3:50)
  • "Carrying a Torch for You" by Sara Reynolds and Jim Ocean
  • "The Night Eve Came into my Yard" by Genevieve Conaty (3:46)

"Sealed with a Kiss" Song Revue
·         "Sealed with a Kiss" by Brian Hyland (2:41)           
·         "Vision of a Kiss" by the B-52s (5:57)
·         "Kissin Cousins" by Elvis Presley (2:11)
·         "Til I Kissed You" by the Everly Brothers (2:28)
·         "Little Kiss Each Morning" by Rudy Valle (2:10)
·         "It's in his kiss" by Cher (2:50)
·         "Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam (3:15)

Next Week
Conversations at the Intersection of Science, Philosophy and Art with special guest, singer-songwriter Genevieve Conaty
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/2/12 Show Log--Introducing Shrink Rap

The MetaQuizzical Radio Show -- May 2, 2012
Peeling back the layers of the endless onion whether it makes you laugh or makes you cry

Conversations at the Intersection psychology, philosophy & science
·         This is a new Metaquizzical Feature Series
·         And this program is a survey program of "Coming Attractions"
Science News
·         Huge Study Finds Brain Networks Connected to Teen Drug Abuse
·         Multi-tasking Hurts Performance but Makes You Feel Better
·         The Bright Side of Death
·         Woman's Interest in Men Peaks at 45 Then Dwindles
·         Maintain Your Brain: The Secrets to Aging Success
·         Technology Eases Migraine Pain in the Deep Brain


Program Title: Digital Afterlife
Podcast (5:40): Adam Ostrow: After your final status update
Many of us have a social media presence--a virtual personality made up of status updates, tweets and connections, stored in the cloud.  New media entrepreneur and commentator,Adam Ostrow asks a big question: What happens to that personality after you've died?  Could it ... live on?
Program Title: Don't Fear the Reaper:  Perspectives on Death, Dying and Living
Podcast (5:12): Ric Elias: 3 things I learned while my plane crashed
Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed  in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009.  What went through his  mind as the doomed plane went down?  At TED, he tells his story publicly  for the first time.
Program Title: What's it all about? The Search for Meaning
Podcast (4:22): Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others
In this rare clip from 1972, legendary psychiatrist and Holocaust-survivor  Viktor Frankl delivers a powerful message about the human search for meaning -- and the most important gift we can give others.
Program Title:  Two Kinds of People:  Exploring differences in perceptions and assumptions
Podcast (2:42): Derek Sivers: Weird or just different?
"There's a flip side to everything," the saying goes, and in two minutes, Derek Sivers, founder and former president of CD Baby, shows this is true in a few ways you might not expect.

Program Title: The NOW of Happiness
Podcast (3:41): Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days
Is there something you've always meant to do, wanted to do, but just...haven't?  Google software engineer, Matt Cutts suggests  that you try it for 30 days. This short, lighthearted talk offers an interesting perspective about setting and achieving goals.
Comedy Piece: "Wake up in Better Times" by Jim Ocean


  • MQC Theme Song (3:30) 
  • "Psychotic Reaction" by The Count Five (3:05)       
  • "Male Pattern Numbness" by Celtic Elvis (5:14)
  • Live Song: "Digital Afterlife" by Jim Ocean
  • "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult (3:35)       
  • The Meaning of I am" by Purple Hazel Green (4:23)   
  • "Stranger to Himself" by Traffic (3:56)
  • "Too Much Information" by the Police (3:42)           
  • "The Inner Light" by The Beatles (2:36)
  • "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" by the Electric Prunes (2:56)
  • "Motherless Child" by Peter Kakaunen (4:14)
  • "Mercy Street" by Peter Gabriel (4:43)           
  • "Stalker" by the Dogmatics (4:37)       
Next Week: Sealed with a Kiss--Dating in the Internet Age
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Monday, April 30, 2012

4/25/12 Show Log--MQ Poetry Re-Reloaded (Humor)

Poetry for the MetaQuizzical Re-Reloaded -- April 25, 2012
Focus on Humor
MQC Theme Song (3:30)
Song: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by William Shatner (2:58)
Song: "Hard to be Real" by Jim Ocean (4:17)
"Let It All Hang Out" by the Hombres (2:04)
"Political Science" by Randy Newman (2:03)
"Love as Real Estate" by Jim Ocean (6:08)
"A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash (3:38)
"Little Head" by Jim Ocean (3:08)
"The Great Nations of Europe" by Randy Newman (3:24)
"Sex Crazed Intellectuals" by Jim Ocean (4:52)
"The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine" by Simon & Garfunkle (2:51)
"Fat Boys" by Uncle Bonzai Selection (4:03)
"People are Strange" by Tiny Tim (2:22)           
"They're Coming to Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV (2:16)
"Them Hippies Was Right" by Those Darn Accordians (4:16)
"The Witch Doctor" by David Seville (2:26)
"Convoy" by C.W. McCall (3:51)           
"Sweet Transvestite" by Tim Curry (2:22)
Live Song: "Just a Hippie Thought" by Jim Ocean       

4/18/12 Show Log--MQ Poetry Reloaded

The MetaQuizzical Cafe Radio Show

MetaQuizzical Poetry Reloaded--April 18,2012
        A sequel in honor of National Poetry Month

MQC Theme Song by Jim Ocean (3:30)
"All I really want" by Alanis Morissette (5:24)
"Window" by Jim Ocean (4:01)
"The Word" & "Om" by the Moody Blues (6:34)
"Tornado" by Jim Ocean (4:46
"A Drop Of Time" by Jim Ocean (5:20)
"Fear And Love" by Jim Ocean (4:38)
"Said the Dark to the Light" by Jim Ocean (3:29)
"Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin (4:04)
"A Dream with a Dream" & "The Raven" by Alan Parsons Project (8:10)
"Hand in my Pocket" by Alanis Morissette (4:31)
"Vincent" (Starry Starry Night), Don McLean (4:03)
"Across the Universe" by the Beatles (3:49)
"You Learn" by Alanis Morissette (4:10)

4/11/12 Show Log--MQ Poetry

MetaQuizzical Cafe Radio Show
April 11,2012

Tonight's Theme:
Poetry for the MetaQuizzical

Play List

"The MetaQuizzical Cafe" by Jim Ocean (3:30)
"The Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkle (3:06)
"Time Runs Away" by Jim and Kathy Ocean (4:53)
"The Word" & "Om" by the Moody Blues (6:34)
"Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell (5:46)
"The Shout" by Sekou Sundiata (2:53)                   
"Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin (4:04)
"Lady d'Arbanville" by Cat Stevens (3:46)
"Vincent" (Starry Starry Night), Don McLean (4:03)
"Across the Universe" by the Beatles (3:49)
"The Dream" & "Have You Heard" by the Moody Blues (9:03)

4/4/12 Show Log--MetaQuizzical Movies

MetaQuizzical Cafe Radio Show
MetaQuizzical Movies
April 4, 2012
Tonight's Theme:

Topic: MetaQuizzical Movies
Guest: Stefano Zumbroegel
Play List

"The MetaQuizzical Cafe" by Jim Ocean (3:30)
"Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette (4:35)
Tubular Bells by Michael Oldfield/Virgin Records (4:17)
"Don't Be Shy" by Cat Stevens (2:50)
"Brown Girl in the Ring" by Bony M from TOUCHING THE VOID (4:03)            
"I'm gonna be 500 miles" by the Proclaimers from the BENNY & JOON (3:39)            
"I Got You Babe" by Sonny & Cher (3:06)
"Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder from INTO THE WILD (3:30)
"Seasons of Love" from the soundtrack of the movie RENT (3:02)
"The End" by the Doors from APOCOLYPSE NOW (6:30)
"Stand by Me" by Ben E. King (2:53)
"I am a Man of Constant Sorrow" --Soggy Bottom Boys
"The Heart Asks Pleasure First" by Michael Nyman from THE PIANO (4:51)
"Escape!" by Philip Glass from THE HOURS (3:51)
"Morning Passages" by Philip Glass from THE HOURS (5:33)
"The Hours" by Philip Glass from THE HOURS (7:47)