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Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Shows

Calling all people who enjoy satire, science, politics--and song-writing subjects--that are intentionally and savagely anti-commercial. If you avoid the main stream like a salmon turning away from a sewage line, then we have a couple of shows for you.

We're presenting two "MetaQuizzical Cafe's"--stimulating, folk-rocking romps through science, politics, satire and spirit--which feature the two of us, plus a host of our overly talented friends. The first show will be at Armando's in Martinez on Sunday, November 10th, 4 to 6pm; the second will be at the Occidental Center for the Arts in lovely Occidental (near Sebastopol) Sunday, November 24th, from 4 to 6pm.

Admission to either show is $10.  Tickets will be available at the door, plus you can purchase tickets in advance for the Occidental performance, here.

More information about the shows are on our website  or here for the Armando's show or here for the show at the Occidental Center for the Arts.

So mark your calendars, make your reservation and save your appetite to sample something quirky and different at the 'The MetaQuizzical Cafe'--where Carl Sagan will meet you at the door, Rod Serling will show you to your seat, and Tom Lehrer's in the kitchen stirring the Endless Onion Soup.

Hope you can make it!

Jim and Kathy Ocean

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