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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Check out KRCB's New 91FM!

Jim and I had the pleasure of spending some time with the wonderfully warm folks at KRCB radio in Rhonert Park this past Tuesday.  We were there to be interviewed by Roland Jacopetti for the "Sonoma Spotlight" program in advance of our upcoming gig at Occidental Center for the Arts on Sunday November 24th.  While we were there, FM program director Robin Pressman was curious about the CD we had in our hands--the pre-release of "Math2Metaphor"--our new collection of science songs.  She asked if we'd stick around to chat a bit and play a tune live on her noon-time show, which we happily did.

KRCB has recently undergone an exciting makeover.  The new KRCB radio is live and local, offering a wide spectrum of music that is underrepresented in the commercial radio band, including indie and world, folk and vintage Americana. They'll also highlight the vibrant North Bay music scene and, in their news programs, provide a voice for local community concerns.  As long-time advocates for original music and their makers, Jim and I applaud this win for the North Bay community. 

Go New 91FM!

Check them out on the web and stream the station live.

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