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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MetaQuizzcial Mysteries Revealed at Armando's

The MetaQuizzical Cafe served up its mysterious entrees--which included "Plastilla", the "First to go Under", and the "Alien Immigrant Song"--our parody of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" about alien invasion--to a full house at Armando's in Martinez last Sunday afternoon. With Lou Esposito on electronic percussion and David Correa on guitar--along with Kathy & myself, we were rockin' those science songs.

We tried our first multi-media presentation in conjunction with the songs and had some fascinating and funny results. My favorite was the idea that Mars is the new Utah. Kathy put a picture of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover next to a familiar picture of Utah and the similarities are quite striking. One of our goals is to show the connectedness we have to such places. As our consciousness expands such faraway places seem closer and more compelling. The human race needs places where we can feel a new sense of wilderness and adventure.

Perhaps a member of the audience summed it up best: "Wow! What a Quizzical Show you guys put on! Complete with pleats in the screen back and flying chocolate kisses!  I wasn't sure if I was in a folk/rock/guitar show or Mrs. Richardson's Science Class! Toad dissections could be next?"

Thank you to everyone who chose our show over the 49ers game. 

(And many thanks to the crew at Armando's for keeping the lights on and providing such a wonderful boutique venue for musicians and concert goers alike.  Check out Armando's upcoming shows here!)

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