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Saturday, November 2, 2013

November News Flash

Hi Folks!

We just finished our busiest summer concert season ever--which had our heads spinning like plates on sticks. What a summer! We appreciate all the good folks who worked and attended the shows. Lots of stories to tell on that front, but instead we'll share a couple of recent tasty morsels from our performing life. (So many hats, too few heads.)

We recently opened for the History Connection's  tribute to Shuttle Astronaut Rex Walheim on the occasion of City of Petaluma's proclamation of Rex Walheim Day.  Walheim is a NASA mission specialist and was on the last ride of the space shuttle.

What a nice guy!  Rex has also distinguished himself as a marathon space walker having clocked the equivalent of 36 days floating outside the capsule tethered only to a thin line.  He related a harrowing tale of working outside the International Space Station and momentarily thinking he'd forgotten to hook himself to the station's safety latch. And so by primate association, we were white knuckling it with a little extra intensity as we watched the film 'Gravity'.

(Here's a Rex Walheim interview where he shares his experience of seeing Earth from space and tells what space smells like. And here's a clip from the movie "Gravity" which alone is worth seeing for its stunning visuals of Earth from space.)

 In other news the Fresno Unified School District turned our song "Plastilla!" into curriculum for science and language.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge environmental challenge for this and future generations. Here's the video they made of "Plastilla!". Show your kids.

MetaQuizzically Yours,

Kathy 'n Jim Ocean

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