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Monday, April 30, 2012

4/25/12 Show Log--MQ Poetry Re-Reloaded (Humor)

Poetry for the MetaQuizzical Re-Reloaded -- April 25, 2012
Focus on Humor
MQC Theme Song (3:30)
Song: "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by William Shatner (2:58)
Song: "Hard to be Real" by Jim Ocean (4:17)
"Let It All Hang Out" by the Hombres (2:04)
"Political Science" by Randy Newman (2:03)
"Love as Real Estate" by Jim Ocean (6:08)
"A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash (3:38)
"Little Head" by Jim Ocean (3:08)
"The Great Nations of Europe" by Randy Newman (3:24)
"Sex Crazed Intellectuals" by Jim Ocean (4:52)
"The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine" by Simon & Garfunkle (2:51)
"Fat Boys" by Uncle Bonzai Selection (4:03)
"People are Strange" by Tiny Tim (2:22)           
"They're Coming to Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV (2:16)
"Them Hippies Was Right" by Those Darn Accordians (4:16)
"The Witch Doctor" by David Seville (2:26)
"Convoy" by C.W. McCall (3:51)           
"Sweet Transvestite" by Tim Curry (2:22)
Live Song: "Just a Hippie Thought" by Jim Ocean       

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